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Left Handed Custom Golf Club Fitting - Custom Fitted Lefthand Golf Clubs for the same price as standard clubs online

Left handed Golfers We Are Dedicated To Helping You Play At Your Best!

Left Handed Golfers - We have one of the largest selection of left handed demos golf clubs in the UK

We know there is nothing worse than going to a driving range and seeing that the only two left-handed bays there are being used:This is just one example of how, at most driving ranges and pro shops, don’t cater for left-handed players to the same level as right-handed players.

Not only do most pro shops not stock enough equipment – they don’t understand the mechanics for the left-handed swing – and fitting clubs for this is even harder.

This is why we cater specifically to left handed players, to make sure your have the best possible scores and experience! 

Our Team Specialises In Left Handed Golf!

Our founder, resident golf pro and coach Michael Beaumont has a world of experience helping left handed golfers perfect their game.

Michael – “As a golf pro I know how difficult it can be to teach a left-handed swing – luckily for my students; my wife and I are were blessed with a left-handed son; Harry.
So for the last 15 years I’ve been observing, teaching and studying the left handed swing as a father as well as a coach.

I’ve pulled all my resources and spoke to some of the best coaches from around the world to gain as much insider knowledge about left-handed players to help me coach my son – which is now paying dividends when fitting a left-handed player with clubs. – See below a small selection of my left-handed payers.”

Testimonials From Left Handed Golfers

Left Handed Custom Fit Golf Club Fitting Centre

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