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Golf Lesson - With A Difference

Golf Lessons @ Midlands Indoor Golf We don't guess we get results experience backed up with the latest technology

feel the standard practise that many golf schools take to get all golfers in the same position is both out dated and in effective

Here at Midlands Indoor Golf our golf lessons are focused on performance. We are here to make you the best golfer with your swing and build on that – will things have to change to improve yes of course they will but that will be done using data on your swing how do you create power what are your issues and lets build the progress around what works for you as a player.

We work with an array  of players from competitive golfers who play around the world but also total beginners or people that just want to improve to compete with friends or at corporate events – 

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Lesson Prices:

Head Pro: Michael Beaumont £35
Womens Pro: Alison Nicholas £30
Cam Handy: PGA Assistant £20